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The Greater Nepal – SNPP chokes Chamling Cabinate government involvement in contact with Pakistan’s ISI and anti-nationals Linkage

In a sensational allegation, Sikkim National Peoples Party (SNPP) President Biraj Adikhari today opened the "Greater Nepal" Theatre against the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) party accused them of indulging in "anti-national activities. "" In the last 7-8 months, went 3 SDF MLAs including a minister to Nepal available through unauthorized channels. One MLA was in Nepal for a month and he has been contacted by Pakistan ISI. For what purpose they are free Nepal. What they are doing in Nepal? "Said Mr. Adikhari in a press meet here today at Gangtok. The SNPP president said that he soon go to New Delhi in a few days and find an appointment with the prime minister, interior minister and leader of the RAW and CBI, where he will present all his findings. "Three Sikkimese leaders including myself were in a police station for 24 hours on 26 January blocked. Someone has to pay the price, "he said. "I’ll be the name of the SDF MLAs that Nepal was give RAW and CBI," said Mr. Adikhari. He continued his allegations that the specific SDF Minister had lost Rs. 30 lakhs while gambling in a Kathmandu casino. "The minister was in Katmandu, where he lost Rs. 30 lakhs in a casino. A top Nepal media organization is helping us to obtain the material from the casino. I will use the tapes to RAW "Hand said Adikhari. This minister also has an apartment each in Mumbai and Delhi in addition to seven buildings in Sikkim, he said. "From where he is always so much money? We will tell the central leaders and they must take it seriously, "said Mr. Adikhari. The president also claimed an SNPP Sikkimese hand in the recent "Greater Nepal" problem by a group of demonstrators outside the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu on 26 January raised. "We have information that, among the protesters there were some seven or eight Sikkimese people. I have three names that may be collected RAW, "he said. Mr. Adikhari further informed that he is currently drafting a memorandum to the Prime Minister and President of India. "This memorandum of understanding I want to emphasize that Sikkim is a serious direction in the hands of corrupt leaders SDF position. SNPP doubts that the central agent for the development of Sikkim used for anti-national activities, "he said. "We will demand that the Indian Army in Sikkim should be kept in standby mode. An alien is dangerous to Sikkim at an end. Sikkim Sikkim police and armed police should be sent back to the barracks. I have names of 20 such officers including some officers, which we will submit IAS to Delhi, "said Mr. Adikhari. The SNPP president also claimed that a team has arrived in Nepal from Sikkim to a few top opposition leaders, including him to murder. "A group came from Nepal to Sikkim to liquidate me, and Padam Bhandari. My phone is bugged and monitored my movements closely with government intelligence. It should have visible protection, and are Padam Bhandari. I am protected by my Sikkimese people, "he said. The President SNPP also slammed Chief Minister Pawan Chamling raised about the "dual citizenship" claims BJP. "We condemn the use of Sikkimese Nepali community of Chief Minister Pawan Chamling to respond to these allegations. Do not confuse the Sikkimese Nepali community in your personal problem, "said Mr. Adikhari. He added that work SNPP President Tseten D Lepcha was responsible for about 15,000 people to mobilize in Gangtok to displace Chamling in February this year given. Mr. Adikhari added that the movement of Gorkhaland SNPP fully supported currently by Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) is maintained in Darjeeling. "The party has also decided to support the Gorkhaland movement. I would like Bimal Gurung and for Gorkhaland meet, we need to stand unitedly the conscience of the nation. We have to tell them that countless Gorkhas have sacrificed their lives for the nation since 1947 and the Indian Gorkha community, at least one of their own country to give bury their martyrs, "said Mr. Adikhari" We will join hands with other Gorkhaland body to spread this message throughout the country. There should be two states for the Nepali-speaking community in India. We help GJM not interfere in Darjeeling, but concentrate in mobilizing support from all States, "said the president of SNPP.

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IPhone OS 4.0 – on the new features and who are the strongest

What OS 4.0 will bring to the iPhone? First line: multi-tasking. Apple has finally found the last piece of the puzzle, and found their dev team, how to let the iPod and similar devices that run more than one app at a time, all without killing the battery. Double-clicking the Home button opens a screen of currently running applications, and a second click will focus on the target application immediately. Early reports say this new multitasking support is amazingly efficient -. But beware, be limited to 4-user applications running at once Other new features include a few user interface improvements. Users can organize the applications into folders, change the background behind the icons and save up to 2,000 icons instead of the current 180th Business users This class of iPhone users is available on most benefits. The new multitasking more than quadruple the performance of the iPhone, and the time it takes to reduce to do everyday tasks. Increased security measures such as the ability to encrypt emails and PIN codes will certainly benefit companies. The new "Unified Inbox" system in the mail application will also benefit business users, they had to manage multiple e-mail accounts simultaneously. Casual users Again, does the new multitasking support large change in how the iPhone works. Casual users can now flow to the Internet via Safari music while reading an iBook, for example. The ability to customize the iPhone interface even more by the background makes the device more personal. A variety of other new features, by the way, photos to a new 5x zoom rotate the camera, all will come together to OS 4.0 a big step-up for casual users. Gamers

3G and second generation iPod touch owners Sorry, because of its old hardware, you will not be able to take full advantage of some of the new features that OS 4.0 does. Above all, your device does not support the new feature multi-tasking, so you will only be able to establish a program at a time. Original iPhone and iPod touch owners No luck running The first generation devices simply do not support OS 4.0. Owners of these devices do you think about an upgrade.

A new "feature" that is introduced with OS 4.0 is not as welcome as the Other: IAD. These introduce new mobile advertising system in-app advertising. The system enables full-screen video and even interactive advertising content from an application to start out without the need to send the user to offer Safari to this type of content. In some ways the new system is less intrusive than before, but at the same time it can only open the iPhone up to more spam. A total of previews and hands-on reviews of the new OS 4.0 are very positive. Most users will benefit at least some level of the upgrade, and all users are encouraged to take the plunge. The only people that are left in the dark, are owners of older models – and of course those poor souls who do not yet have an iPhone of their own !

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