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About U.S. online gambling popularity Concerned

The theme of the struggle against U.S. online gambling industry disturbs the gaming community. It is the old Wire Act (1961) in force in the U.S.
which prohibits to the game using the telephone
telegraph and other wire communication facilities outside the boundaries of their own state. Gamblers believe that this ban does not apply to the Internet
while the official establishment has a different opinion. American DOJ has banned the advertising of casinos in search engines and on television
bank deposits at online casinos (not banned
rather than very strongly recommended
but there was a proposal that has not been denied). Antigua simultaneously taken by the Court of the WTO
a decision that the U.S. has either not allow their citizens to play in any online casino or the law aside all the obstacles move in relation to gambling. A few years ago to adopt a trial to a prohibitive law failed in the Parliament of the United States is still at the level of the house Representatives.At beginning of 2006
there were no significant progress on the front of the struggle with the online gambling in the U.S.
but in the course of this year there are a number of serious causes of stronger measures against online casinos to speak. It all started with a new law to ban gambling on the Internet. The same Senators Kyl
Leach and Goodlatte joined them
the proposed second draft (now known HR4777)
which prohibits U.S. citizens for online gambling (all forms of gambling
including Lich participation on sports
except for horse racing and fantasy sports). In accordance with this law
banks have to make full block any opportunity for players to deposit in the casino
and players themselves are under threat of a heavy fine or imprisonment of up sentenced to 10 years in prison . Despite the fact that numerous surveys show that the majority of the population in the United States does not support given law
it was adopted by the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress by the majority of the 3 / 4 of the votes. It was planned that it should by the Senate
it would be after the signature of George Bush
as it is known
do not feel no sympathy approved for gambling to be considered . were transferred hearings of the fall session; Fortunately
there are obviously some problems with the bill in the Senate. It appeared the information that can not pass the Senate bill from the first
in this case creates a conciliation commission
the two houses of Congress
is at the minimum delay adoption of the law for a considerable term. Successful passing of the bill in the House of the Congress was
supported by a scandal involving lobbyist Jack Abramoff
a very famous. He was the non-payment of tax fraud and with money in real casinos accused. It was his active position
in many aspects contributed to the failure of recent anti-online-bill
but at the same time after the scandal a lot of legislators tried to distance themselves from it support for a new bill.Struggle are against gambling in the U.S. is performed not only at the level of the country as a whole
as well as in individual states. The first signs appeared in the State of Washington (not the capital of the USA
the city of Washington
the first pass was their own Anti-Social Legislation confused as to extend the Wire Act. From now on gambling through the Internet or other means of communication (cell phones
palm trees are here and meant
the inhabitants of the State of Washington to threaten a fine of up to $ 10
000 and (or) in prison for a term up to five years. Even sites informing the Online gaming is prohibited. It came on June 7
there is however no cases of their application for two more striking was the U.S. DOJ months.One have been supplied. On 20 July David Carruthers was arrested
Chief Executive of one of the biggest online gambling company BetOnSports in that it happened at the airport in Dallas
where David was taken by the transit flight from England to Costa Rica. He was a series of
allegations submitted
including bats and non-payment of taxes
he refused to be let out on bail. This case involves several people
including one of the owners of the company Gary Kaplan. Interestingly enough
but David is self- a citizen of Great Britain
and the company is registered in Costa Rica. By the way
the authorities of Costa Rica have refused to cooperate with the Americans with regard to this case
stated that with David and BetOnSports have not broken the laws of their country. BetOnSports even stopped working until 14 August
and dismissed David Carruthers attempted to be from the scandal.On all the way to the situation around BetOnSports more controversial. But this arrest
the market of gaming stocks
the price was brought in by 20 -40% in one day
although now the shares of the repair of a gap. Besides being a great marketing conference canceled in Las Vegas
which had planned another major online bookmaker Bodog. All in all
it is not recommended for a manager of gambling sites in the USA before. Just in case. Several gambling sites since the arrest of David refused access for the citizens of the United States. Thus
the accounts of the Americans in the B2B poker network are closed
in the casino / bookie / casino Coral / Eurobet
Victor Chandler
all such companies based in Europe
and the Americans share is not high among their customers. A few predictions at the end. Hopefully
the Senate does not approve the bill in its present form
and it is a long review be sent at the minimum. Although the Americans have to hurry up
by its final decision
because they are affected by the decision of the WTO
and Antigua has repeatedly applied to the organization with an application to U.S. control actions. If the prohibition is not adopted or a decision will enable online gaming in the U.S.
the gambling community will certainly breathe with relief
but there are no significant changes. It is much more interesting when the law for all that is passed on. For current up to 50% of all money online is presented by U.S. players. Certainly
not all Americans are online casinos to leave
but outflow of client met the majority of painful Glue ;. gamble companies fail
will worsen the situation on the market of poker
where the U.S. is that the main supplier of “fish” is © Copyright 2006-2007 .

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eCOGRA is to increase confidence player and online gaming

EWorld online gambling
Casino reputation King.eCOGRA is a non-profit
non-partisan and totally international organization that legitimate players feel comfortable playing in the casinos
the agreed standards within certainhigher work in order to obtain and maintain a Seal.It eCOGRA provides participating casinos player-sensitive regulations that are verified by independent audit by the continuous monitoring of reinforced walls with a series of. be Founded in 2003
awarded to the first seal in the spring of 2004
has shown eCOGRA that there is a heavy vehicle forensic forced
self-imposed regulation and quality assurance
despiteinitial player concerns about the “independence” is itsdirectors. A visit to a “watchdog” forum can confirm that large byand eCOGRA measures up to its mission. ” . . be anindependent company toconsumers important player protection
that operators are honest
fair offers games
investments are safe and winning bets are paid in a timelymanner. “ Andrew Beveridge
has taken the time discusseCOGRA
player representation
and the online gambling industry Withus. Thank you and welcome
Andrew CGP. Andrew
what gaming software platforms have been approved (except thegiant Microgaming) eCOGRA Andreas: In addition to Microgaming
Virtual Holdings (the parent company of Random Logic
software vendors on Poker andPacific) is also a founding member. A recent addedmember Ongame
software vendors on is so InEffects we now have on board the two largest players theo online casino industry
and three of the six suppliers to the online poker injured party ft. . In practice this means that that seal operations handle more than fifty percent of the global online casino and poker room business It is important to understand that we do not really award theseal the software providers
it is the online gaming site that using software of our members who are likely toreceive the seal. But the review also includeprobity has control of the software provider andmanagement major shareholders
a thorough inspection of the entire software development environment and extensive testing for fairness is software CGP. When do you expect to be approved
bingo and sportsbook software have and operators under the seal Andreas: Ideally we’d like to be in the self-involved regulationof this part of the industry
but it has been significanteffort
just to be sure
that we are adequately addressing theregulation online casinos and poker. In these areas there is a constant effort to ensure that we keep up newdevelopments how mobile technology and multi-player casinos. With limited resources
we will probably continue for the foreseeable future focusIn on casino and poker theirrelative due importance in the online gambling industry. To tomaintain our own credibility and that of the approved sites weneed to ensure that our standards are thoroughly researched
implemented and monitored
and there can be no shortcuts inthis process CGP. Is there gaming software
which were specificallydisapproved? If so
what Andrew: Before a software provider that is a member
we makea provisional assessment with one of the independent audit firms on our audit committee of the Organization shall abilityto our standards. If compliance looks likely
with membership that is only the followedby eGAP inspection we’llproceed. Each of our current members had afair amount of work in certain areas before you want to submit theeGAP inspection
and we provide leadership through this process a lot that can possibly up to one year. It is remarkable that we over 30 other software suppliers
the information was accessed through a membership
but note theconsiderable financial commitment and effort of our standards dictating the membership application process alittle huh words for what these organizations can <
/ p> CGP initiallyanticipate. How many online casinos have the seal and the seal haveany owner denied ever “lost” their seal Andrew: Most of the 55 licensed casinos were denied sealfollowing their first inspection. The process is such that the areas provided theaudit company of non-compliance thecasino highlights and then the possibility of these areas to correct. A follow-up is then carried out on site (such as werequire conclusive evidence that it appropriatecompliance) and eventually the site will be the seal once they fully meet our standards awarded. These are serious anddetailed studies on every aspect of the operation of casinos
with Particular emphasis on those who happen to interface with the player
andthis needs of both commitment and determination of operators’part. In return
the operator is not only our poetry
but a highly professional
independent business assessment Ofthe operation
improve the efficiency of the enterprises andperformance. To date
no holder of the gasket seal is lost. Obviously if we get upareas slipped compliance
but as long as there is theinfringement not material
and the will addressit we offer the operator the ability to correct
theshortcomings within a limited timeframe. Conformancethereafter not revoked could also result in the seal
and I doknow that our independent directors who would control seal compliance committee not to hesitate to act if it is thought standards violated. Combined with software fairness
information and player safety
and payment standards
is also in the eCOGRA politicsand legalities of online gaming involved CGP. Andrew
in your opinion
what the prospects for online gambling legal? Britain is closer to licensingonline gambling establishments? What influence do is eCOGRA politicallyto online gambling positive Andreas: We is not really active on the legal and politicalfront
and there are several industry associations whosemain oftheir focus on the legal and political agendas to meet members include software vendors and is essentially over operators.eCOGRA player protection
fair gaming andresponsible operator behavior. That being said though we ofsetting arecurrently advice to a number of countries in the field of standards and corresponding test methods. Developments in the UK are particularly encouraging
as a determination made in the new Gambling Act forinteractive gambling
has a new Gambling Commission formedto design and implementation of regulations has been
with offices in Birmingham
England been secured. The evidence that the controlling body of Newco Peter Dean led
high experiencedin regulation takes a consultative approach
wellfor promises of the industry when it takes over in 2007. Britain’s new taxes body for gambling will be officiallylaunched in October this year and is already being planned
the betting industry for the next show
and for 19 20October at the Birmingham NEC Pavilion meetthe planned. There is no doubt in my mind that this serious and highly professional regulation
and that’s good for theindustry in the UK
which is increasingly perceived as adesirable jurisdiction for reputable companies . It means more protection for the player
and that a good goal
we divide the can’s. Elsewhere
geographic areas of responsibility (eCOGRA works acrossinternational limits) as Alderney
Gibraltar and Theisl of Man are all improving their regulatory climate and that will hopefully encourage other licensors to follow suit andimprove controls and dispute handling. The ongoing development in the UK are closely watchedby other governments
and is without doubt a favorable impact through this channel also. The United States remains
as always a confusing legal andpolitical climate where we are almost positive andwide-reaching improvements in the recognition and regulation ofInternet gambling in the immediate future to see. But I remainoptimistic that the example set may help establish
the British are amore rational approach. The outlook is generally very encouraging
my personal opinion
and we will continue to provide other ourconsiderable regulatory experience should they wish to exchange views with us. I think the growing number of large
professionally managed successfuland online gambling company
is ideally positioned to complement these more haveevolved regulatedenvironment
and we will see more consolidation in the industry with this new maturity. Last eCOGRA has launched the Responsible gaming initiative
with the full support of his poetry owners. All necessary site will be to take a prominent Responsible Gaming sectionin that the dangers of underage and problem gambling areexplained. 7 days “cooling off period”
6 month self-exclusion ordeposit limiting mechanisms for the players provided they can be whosuspect in difficulties. The staff is on call alert feature and financial patterns that give anaddictive player can CGP. This seems a very admirable effort on the part of the seal eCOGRAand owners. Tell me a little about the new initiative ResponsibleGaming. How do you want it impacts on the industry as awhole? Do you think the addictive or underage gambling is eCOGRA seal casinos simplyavoid Andrew: This is not our goal – our goal is to identify andexclude underage players as quickly as possible
and where providefacilities players with a potential problem may testthemselves and then to act accordingly
to either give up or gamblingaltogether close for a safe period of time of their election or limit their accounts. We want to ensure do not encourage thatour seal casinos gambling on minors orproblem players
and we try to train our staff in theprofessional indicators of problem gamblers
so appropriateadvice offered where required. In short
our goal is much further to go thanmerely GA submit a link or something similar to seal casinos
although we do the excellent work of these bodies and disturbed to WillContinue player to recognize direct it. This is a complicated field
and we have followed our usualpractice dealing with experts in our planning. We havepartnered with the specialized international organization Which G4 has extensive experience and expertise and our policy and ishelping eGAPs train
casino management construction and launch of diagnostic tests and devices for sealing ResponsibleGaming operations. The bottom line is that minors and gambling addiction isa dangerous element for the casino
the players and the industry
it causes untold suffering and financial difficulties
morallywrong to allow or encourage
and we are therefore obliged to prevent totaking serious steps wherever we can. CGP: What is next to Andrew? Do not expect standards andseal opportunity for portal masters and Casino Affiliates Andreas: So far I think we have a pretty good job oflaying the foundation for effective self-regulation of online gaming done
and I think our success is reflected in the performanceand reputation of the sites that have earned our seal. I can not see us setting standards for portal masters andaffiliates because this is certainly not our area of expertise and weneed stay focused on our most important goal of protectingthe player. The next step is to give consumers more aware that it is responsible
organizations in this industry who toinvest willing to guarantee essential to the well-being of the players. Sothe major focus in the near future
prior to the marketingand education
but at the same time we will be careful toensure that our standards to continuously improve and maintain compliance seal holders. Ultimately
we are tosubstantially goal to enhance the credibility of the industry as awhole
and no doubt benefit everybody involved CGP. We have no doubt of the benefits as well . Thanks Andrew for taking the time to inform us of eCOGRA
his competence and his plans. Thank you especially for eCOGRA’scontin
ued efforts for players and improving online gaming imageof as a whole. Casino Gold Pages of members in each player issuesregarding eCOGRA seal holder address listed below theguidelines and find the form here: eCOGRA seal holder —————– —– 7 Sultans Casino Aces High Casino 777Dragon Casino All Jackpots Casino All Slots Casino Arthurian Casino Bella Vegas Casino Casino Grand Casino on Net BayCasino UK Casino U.S. Cinema Casino Crazy Vegas Casino Desert Dollar Casino First Web Casino Fortune Junction Casino Fortune Room Casino Gaming Club Casino Golden Riviera Casino Havana Club Casino Home Casino Jackpot City Casino Jackpot Wheel Casino Jackpots in a Flash Casino Jupiter Club Casino King Neptune’s Casino Lake Palace Casino Lucky Nugget Casino Miami Paradise Casino Mummy’s Gold Casino Orbital CasinoPiggs Peak Casino Platinum Play Casino Reef Club Casino River Belle Casino River Nile Casino Roxy Palace Casino Royal Vegas Casino Ruby Fortune Casino Royale Casino Slots Showdown Casino Spin Palace Casino Sun Vegas Casino Thunder Luck Casino TridentLounge Casino Vegas Palms Casino Vegas Towers Casino Vegas Villa Casino Vegas USACasino Wild Jack Casino All eCOGRA Approved Casino are profiled here: < ; / p> Our RSS-Feed:

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