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Online blackjack can be played anywhere

There are amazing technological advances in the field of online casinos that have helped the industry in a serious position in the Internet. Because of the convenience of the games is the online casino industry to grow in popularity each month. One of the reasons for its popularity is that the online casino games can be played anywhere, that you get an Internet connection. As the technology of laptop development has been improved, people able to play blackjack online was, and all of their other favorite online casino games. Recently, mobile casinos have become popular because you can now get an Internet connection on your mobile phone means that you play blackjack online anywhere your phone gets a signal -. In a library, in your car while waiting for your son or daughter from school, bring in a doctor’s office, also in the stands at a ball game. Online blackjack games are everywhere and nowhere, that players play to get an Internet connection. This is the main reason why online blackjack games have grown in popularity in recent times. In addition, you can play blackjack online and need to make any financial investment. Online blackjack games are now on the free casino sites where you Black Jack Online Casino and other favorites, like poker, slots, roulette and video poker without the risk of loss can play no money to play. In today’s economy, the idea of playing in the casino as a recreational diversion and without risking any money forced a platform that has to be very popular with the veterans and new online casino players alike. So, if you enjoy online blackjack games you enjoy playing them with ever increasing frequency, because you can now play blackjack online anywhere that you could get an Internet connection, and as special bonus, you can play blackjack online for free

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Spin3 launches its first native application for the Apple App Store

LONDON – (Marketwire – February 11, 2010) – Leading full service mobile gaming solutions provider Spin3, the Microgaming, operated the world’s largest online gaming software provider, has Markteinfü Channel 21 blackjack party, his first game for the announced Apple App Store. The new game will Spin3 state-of-the-art technology to bring mobile casino world to consumers via the App Store, with additional community features. develops Spin3 has one of its most popular games for the growing iPhone applications market, which consists of more than 100,000 applications, with more than 3 billion downloads. 21 Black Jack Party Spin3 is the first step in the consumer applications, providing a new direct-to-consumer approach to the traditional business-to-business provider of turnkey mobile casino solutions. 21 blackjack party app is the first Black Jack game to offer a community element within the game, tracking the player skill level and upload their notes to a live scoreboard. The indicator provides a competitive edge element to the game by the players to track their progress against other users at their level. Players can bet on the display panel 21 on the online blackjack party micro site check (best viewed on your iPhone web browser) and be notified when or if someone leaves at their level. In 21 Black Jack Party uses the full functionality of the iPhone with tap water and slide motion and advanced graphics functions. The Play-for-fun game, the player has a personal profile when the game starts, and create will appear next to their guests on the live scoreboard. The server-based game saves each player’s ranking and balance. Even if the players have to close the game mid-hand, the game is saved so that they accurately reflected in the same place that they left. Matti Zinder, Head of Spin3, said: "The free-to-download game was developed to establish our presence in the World app. The decision, Black Jack on this new channel was set up by the explosion in the apps market. Mobile application downloads will reach five billion by 2014, a surprising number. Companies like Zynga have made the transition to the applications market with its Texas Hold ‘Em game and it is a great success. Our new application will follow soon available free-of-charge on the Apple App Store with new games and exciting new developments. We are also looking closely at the Android market as more exciting opportunity. Our 21 black jack party application on the Android Market for Android-based devices very soon. "Our extensive experience and technical knowledge in the mobile gaming industry, we were able to develop a high quality game to facilitate advanced graphics and gameplay. By using our back-office and CRM tools that allow us to advanced features such as community members and tournament play now and in the future, I think we have a game that can match or surpass the zynga success developed. " 21 Black Jack Party on the Apple App Store launches in the near future. The 21 black jack Party microsite is called the best on your iPhone web browser. * Spin3 demonstrated a pre-launch version 21 blackjack party on its stand at Mobile World Congress # 7C34 in the App Zone Planet -. Spin3 is a division of Spiral Solutions Ltd. About Spin3 ( Spin3, a division of Spiral Solutions Ltd. with Microgaming, the world’s leading developer of online gaming solutions, have joined forces to provide turn-key solutions for the mobile gaming arena. The complete offering includes dynamic wireless real and play-for-fun casino systems, flash casino, marketing services and innovative technologies that push the interactive gaming industry to new frontiers. About Microgaming ( As the company developed the first true online casino software over a decade ago, it has the industry in providing innovative, reliable gaming solutions out. Thanks to an unmatched R & D program, which on average 60 games a year and a unique "partnership" approach with operators together to, Microgaming powers 120 of the world’s most profitable casino sites. The company front-and back-end software supports multiplayer, multi-language games – over 400 of them, all uniquely branded and platforms for land and wireless gaming. The Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Network is the world’s largest progressive and has a record $ 290m paid.

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