Vodafone gets out of an 80 Racal an iPad 3G provider

How many massive company Vodafone has humble roots. It began as part of a group called Racal Telecom
which was founded in 1983. At this time
Racal was one of only two licensed operators to offer mobile services in the UK (along with the now defunct British Telecom). These early British power was called Racal Vodafone (Voice Data FONE). It was not until 1991 that Vodafone went independent. filled After a bumpy decade of mergers
acquisitions and rebranding made
Vodafone telecommunications history of the initialization of the world’s first 3G network
although Vodafone Germany
the course for the future of mobile communications. This marked a turning point for the company to expand soon to the world
the networking giant it is today. Vodafone latest deals go well beyond basic mobile communications services. In 2009 the group Vodafone 360 and offers unique mobile Internet services to mobile users. Early 2010 the launch of the world’s most affordable mobile phone – Vodafone 150
selling for only $ 15. Other current offering includes a multimedia portal service called Vodafone Live! And a 3G USB modem allows laptop users to surf the web on Vodafone 3G service plan. The near future will expand Vodafone’s services further. A recent press release revealed plans iPad offer pricing packages to end of May 2010 paid. The iPad is no cell phone
but the device’s 3G capabilities allows Vodafone subscribers to everything from e-mail and card access to mobile casino games on the device. Next IPAD 3G service plans offered in Australia
Spain and the UK. The iPad used micro-SIM cards
so existing Vodafone 3G subscribers have to change their current contract
with an additional monthly fee for a new SIM card to get to iPad service. Both monthly contracts and prepaid packages are expected to be available. Vodafone only a registered Apple partners this year far behind O2 and Orange
Vodafone will soon compete against iPad for 3G customers. Pricing plans not yet announced
but are expected to arrive on 10 May
when the start iPad international pre-orders. Keeping up with the latest trends is crucial for the survival of a company like Vodafone. CEO Vittorio Colao said recently: “Anything that improves the customer experience with mobile data
is welcome and as such I’d be very interested in seeing it.”

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